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Executive Producer at Sturgis Buffalo Chip (2018, 2019, 2020)


Kevin Ryherd is an expert in the field of organizing strategic partnerships in the sports, media and entertainment arena. He has spent the last 20 years honing this craft in NAIA, NCAA, NIFL, CFL and the NFL. He has worked as a NFL Chaplain and mentors many Chaplains, Coaches and Players in the NFL, NCAA and MLB as well as developed a virtual training platform called iNFLuence Virtual Training on Demand.

Kevin has worked tirelessly to expand the game of American football at the youth Level as he has coordinated one of the largest day camps in the USA as well as hosting and coordinating the largest Youth Football Pre-Season Tournament in the USA with USA Football in Blaine Minnesota known as the USA Football Classic

Kevin founded and directed the Minnesota Chapter of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Chapter in Minnesota in 2002 where he also helped to found the Minnesota Mr. Football Award and establish NFL High School Player Development in that state at the time under the direction of Minnesota Viking Coach Mike Tice. 

He has appeared on TV and National Radio

SoldOutSports with Roman Gabriel III

Tampa Bay Bucs Fans Live

Artie Clear Show

Vikings World Order

Vikings Sportswrap


NFL Sirius Radio


He owned and worked with former KSTP Sports Anchor Rod Simons and former Minnesota Viking Coach Dean Dalton with Vikings Sportswrap for a number of years.

Kevin also began to train athletes with Life Skills and Character Development curriculum he wrote along with Leadership skills for athletes in the Minneapolis/St Paul area along with former Minnesota Vikings EJ Henderson and Darren Sharper alongside former Minnesota Viking Strength Coach Mark Ellis. These men trained High School through individual professional football players as well as host of other athletes in the respective sports in season and out of season at Gamespeed Football Academy in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. 

Kevin also produced and hosted his Own Radio Show ESPN 1570 The Rev where he would spotlight individual former NFL players and coaches and talk about the community work they were involved in.

NFL Retired Players Association

Mike Tice Foundation

Chad Greenway Lead the Way Foundation

Kevin Ross Foundation

Steven Martin Foundation

EJ Henderson Foundation

Chuck Foreman Foundation

Carl Eller Foundation

Adrian Peterson Foundation

Kevin has been a speaker and been a guest of many NFL coaches and players at Training Camp Chapel Services to begin the NFL Season. 

Kevin is currently developing new strategies in the technology field and leveraging his relationships to build and enhance Team Building and Relationships at every level.

Kevin managed to begin working with musical groups in the Minneapolis community that in recent years has allowed Kevin to begin producing concerts in the Minneapolis area working with many of the local artists who worked with the late Prince.

He has partnered with Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Rod Woodruff of Buffalo Chip for the 40 Year Documentary of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Motorcycle and Music Festival along with developing new ideas to raise money for 501C3 Charities.

Plans are already under way for 10 Days of a Live International Broadcast for the 2020 40thAnniversary concerts are already underway along with some other great events that will raise money for the charities associated with Buffalo Chip

He is sought after for his speaking and motivation by churches, schools and colleges and professional Teams. 

He is sought after for his speaking and motivation by companies, churches, schools and colleges and professional Teams. He is also respected for helping individuals as well as companies reach their potential in the opening phases by helping them to brain storm, vision cast and develop capital campaigns.
He is often asked to lecture on leadership training, life skills development and character building as well.

Some of the Projects currently working on and needing sponsors/donations for: 

NFL Retiree Hunts in Alexandria, South Dakota

Associate Director: 4thand Goal the Movie/Stars and Bars the Movies

GoldKings TV

PROForm: Prison Reform Outreach with former incarcerated NFL professional football players

NFL Alumni Pro Day Experiences



What is the one thing that separates you from everyone else in business?

"My mission is to assist my clients from each of my companies and  partnerships in  becoming successful and abundant in all areas of life;  not just financially. I prefer to build long-lasting and  mutually-beneficial professional relationships with my clients where we  can continue growing, learning, impacting, and earning together for many  years to come. I owe all of my success to this code."

- Elina 

Dropped out at age 15. Self-Made Millionaire by  age 24. Left it all behind at age 27. Author. Single Mother. Adrenaline  Junkie. Escape Convict. Founder of 7+ Companies. Produced 500+ Events  in 10 Countries. Built a Collective Network of Over 100 Million  Worldwide since 2011.  


Elina is the founder of 'Inner Success Project,' a movement  dedicated to helping people find fulfillment and tap into their full  potential: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and  financially.

Each year, Elina produces numerous international  ISP Retreats. Her mission is to create a community for positive,  like-minded people to gather, grow, empower, and support one another  while traveling the world, as well as, to create a solid platform for  people to share their stories on stage through her #SHAREYOURSTORY project.

She also founded Growth Group,  an online community, mastermind, and network of professionals, CEOs, influential powerhouses, and philanthropists who help elevate each other and our members on every level in life, health, wealth, business, purpose, success, and  abundance.  

Elina is also the founder of IEN Publishing and Production: The only all inclusive one-stop-shop in the entertainment industry for all of your professional  pre-production, post-production, writing, publishing, printing,  distributing, merchandising, direct shipping, inventory storage,  marketing, press/media, and event production needs.


Elina is also involved in her family's business of three Martial Arts Master Academies in Florida and Alabama, as well as, real estate and oil/gas sales and acquisitions with Techno Fuel in Davie, Florida. 



"From getting arrested as an adolescent, successfully escaping from a  juvenile correctional facility at age 16, dropping out of school,  becoming a mother at 17, surviving sexual abuse, depression, making  millions then choosing to walk away from it all and set out on her  personal journey toward inner success; Elina’s story is a perfect  example of how anyone can achieve success despite their circumstances.

Full-time mother. Mental health advocate. Self-made millionaire. High  school and college drop-out. Adrenaline junkie. Bad ass. Just a few  words to describe her. Since she was a child, Elina was never afraid of  risk or a challenge; in fact, she has always embraced it, welcomed it  and searched for it.

She started her first company at age  20 when she dropped out of college. Fast forward a couple years, and she  founded 7 companies and helped to build a multi-million dollar industry  from a broken laptop that she used on someone else’s kitchen table  while living on a mattress behind someone else’s couch.

During  this time, she helped to produce nearly 500 events in 10 different  countries and her companies have been featured in countless magazines,  news outlets, television appearances and publications around the world.

Today, Elina spends her days enjoying the life that truly makes her  happy: coaching, empowering, and inspiring others, writing, focusing on  her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development, hiking,  exploring, traveling, and spending quality time with her son."

For more information or to collaborate with Elina on a project or venture,
please call 1-800-213-1302 or visit:




 Bill  fought professionally for 12 years and has worked with hundreds of  celebrities and athletes within the NFL, NBA, PBC and other organizations.

During  his professional fighting career, Bill  fought a "who’s who" of  heavyweight fighters including Klitachko, four other heavyweight  champions, several number one contenders, and Olympic champions. 

Since retiring, Bill has worked with hundreds of athletes and celebrities creating residual income and sponsorship opportunities for them. He is currently working with Mike Tyson on appearances. Through his product company, he has  developed the Billy Blanks Tae Bo Shoes and also has deals with dozens of NFL and NBA players for products from CBD to health and fitness programs.  

 Bill also has his own entertainment platform with his partners where they just produced the Sturgis Buffalo Chip events with Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Snoop Dogg, Styx, and George Thorogood. 

Bill is also working with and shooting a reality show in Las Vegas following a new club opening and the Vegas night life scene. 

Bill  has also helped to produce several reality based programs for streaming  platforms such as E! Network, the High School All American Games for  ESPN, as well as, a variety of other networks.